Super Dragon Ball Heroes:Prison Planet Arc!

What we know till now about Super Dragon Ball Heroes:Prison Planet?

"Dangerous prisoners are gathered together on the Prison Planet
Evil Saiyan: “Fight with me!”
Vegeta: “Is this a Saiyan? I’ve never felt such an evil ki before! What’s wrong, Kakarrot?!”
Fu: “The most interesting experiment in the universe finally enters its main phase!”
Vegetto: “Cumber! The fight’s on!”
Goku: “Don’t miss it!”
Prison Planet arc promotional anime
Starts streaming July 1, 2018!

Here's what we know what know till now-

This new upcoming series is based on Dragon Ball Heroes Game ,you can say that this  series is for promoting the game.As it turns out, the new anime is a PR title, meant to promote the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade/card game that's popular in Japan.

Before going to check the details  first check the game introduction-

The “Prison Planet arc” is the  scenario featured in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game,,a card-based arcade game in which players arrange teammates on a playing field for turn-based battles.

Main Topic-

Dragon Ball Heroes will begin streaming on July 1 2018. So far, there is no word on if this spin-off will air on cable, but TV Tokyo has not made an announcement about such a special. So, for now, it looks like Dragon Ball Heroes will only be available online.
This new anime series sent the fandom into full excitement overload - that is, until they learned the actual details surrounding this new series.


Some new and some old characters we saw on trailer like a SSJ4 :Xeno Goku well who know about game will know him while for others we can consider as new ,
as well as Evil version of Goku,Vegeta and Picolo and the mask Saiyan with dark energy etc well there are more.

What we seen in trailer-

Dragon Ball Super:Prison Planet

"Prison Planet" sees video game villain and demon king successor Fu conducting some experiment, capturing Future Trunks and imprisoning him on the Prison Planet. Using the Dragon Balls


Fu brings about this a new Evil Saiyan character in a straight jacket, who has dark energy powers and fight techniques. 

Cumber:The DarK energy Saiyan

Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Cooler and Goku: Xeno (the GT SSJ4 version) all must team up to defeat this new threat, and gather the Dragon Balls from various prisoners, to wish themselves off the prison planet.

One more thing there we saw a fight between Goku:Xeno SSJ4 Vs Goku SSJ Blue.This fight conclusion that either they both are practicing or one of them controlled by enemy.
Xeno:Goku SSJ 4 Vs Goku SSJ Blue

Some old character appearence with upgradation like Bardock with SSJ 3,Cooler ,Gotenks etc.

This are total we got know about upcoming new Dargon Ball Anime.Soon more updates will add ,so stay tuned.

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