Cloud Gaming with Vortex ! (No Headache of Downloading & Updating)

The gaming industry is evolving very rapidly in comparison to other fields and now there is a new advanced method available to play Games, which is Cloud Gaming.

vortex cloud gaming review by postpirates

So let's get start the main section,
(Short Introduction of Cloud Gaming)

What is Cloud Gaming?

Well, it is a service that gives you the ability to play any game on your PC/Mobile /Tablet without downloading and updating it.

Yea it is correct you do not need to download a game to play to your device. You will play it on your browser through a cloud gaming software/platform.

So you only required the following things to play the Games:

  •  PC/Mobile/Tablet, 
  •  Good Internet Connection
  •  Cloud Gaming Platform
No need to download and update the Game at all.

Let me tell you that the Vortex was the first Cloud Gaming Platform which supports nearly all the popular games like:

PUBG, Fortnite, The Witcher, Paladins,
King's Bounty Series, FIFA20, Fallout Series, Doom, Dauntless & DOTA 2, Valheim, Hades etc.

Visit Full Games List => All Games

Here I shared some important question's answer related to Vortex cloud gaming.

Qn1: What is Vortex?

Ans: It is a cross-platform cloud gaming service that I mentioned earlier. Just like Netflix but for games. There is a library of different games that you can play on any device, you just need an good internet connection.

Qn2: How Vortex Work?

Ans: The games are streamed from the powerful servers of Vortex to the user. The game not installed on your device instead it is on the Vortex Server, user play it only using their device through an internet connection.
(no updating and downloading headache)

Qn3: Which Platform Supported by Vortex?

Windows: 7,8,10 ++   &  macOS

Download Vortex for Windows and MacOS

Mobile Devices:
Download the Android/iOS app to play games on Android/iOS. It also supports to Tablets, SmartTv.

Download Vortex for Mobile

Web Browser: 
You can directly play on your browser with Vortex without downloading the game.

Visit Official Website

Qn4: How much it cost?


  • Well, their costing is according to the services they are providing which is very beneficial for the user. 
  • They are providing 100 Hours of playing from a large number of Games in 9.99$ per month, which is highly cheaper compared to others.
  • For premium games like PUBG, you need to buy it first, then you can play it on Vortex.
  • Click to visit all Pricing Plans of Vortex.

Currently, Vortex providing a 60% Discount offer on all of their plans.(March 2020):

Qn5: Why it is not free? 

  • Well, they already providing great service to their user. And you are playing games on their machine without downloading and updating the game to your computer/android.
  • For maintaining the complete process they required capital so it is obvious it can not be free. 
  • As well as 9.99$ is not very high, in exchange for that, you are getting 100+ hours of Gameplay  + unlimited games + easy access+ no downloading and updating game headache.

Qn6: Any problem occurs like Lag or ping?

Ans: It totally depends on your internet connection and  device. 

  • Ping Test available at where you can check that, you can play a specific game on your device & internet connection or not?.
  • Vortex perfectly supports android while for desktop many users complained that they get high lag and ping during gameplay. So for the desktop, you required a good internet connection. 
  • While the other hand for android you can play games of medium internet connection.

Key points which make Vortex Cloud Gaming a best available option: 

  • No need of high-end computer or device
  • Play on the desktop and switch to phone easily
  • Spend as little as possible - Vortex is most affordable from all cloud gaming
  • Stream games everywhere - Vortex works as your virtual PC with 60 FPS in HD
  • Play your favorite games online on all your devices with just one subscription!
  • Best PC Games at your fingertips.


Overall it is one of the best Cloud Gaming services out there. But still, there are some aspects that affect Vortex but maybe in the future update, they will remove it.

Share your experience in comment with Vortex Cloud Gaming!

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(Because Sharing is Caring).


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