How to become a Mobile App Developer using your Web Development Skills? (Overview Guide)

In earlier for development of mobile applications for android and iOS platform you needed to learn Java/Kotlin and Swift/Objective-C respectively but now you can develop Mobile Applications using your Web Development Skills as well. 

Here you will get the basic idea of how you will able to do it.
So Let's get started,

  • The Mobile App which developed using Java/Kotlin/Swift are referred to as Native Apps.
  • The Mobile App which develops using Web technologies is referred to as Hybrid Apps.
  • Hybrid Apps are cross-platforms meaning they can run on iOS, Android, and Windows by the little change in the main source code, (Same Code for all platform)

For developing Mobile Applications you need to be strong in the following Web Technologies:

Once you command yourself in the above technologies, then you need to choose one of the Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework & Tools.

Let's see all the framework & Tools which are currently trended in the market.

1- Ionic:

Ionic is an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) that is used for hybrid mobile application development.

Ionic uses HTML, CSS & Angular for the development of the Mobile Applications.

The apps developed by Ionic are cross-platform means they can run on iOS, Android, and Windows by the little change in the source code, and you do not need to change the whole code.(Awesome thing)

Important Links:

Premium Courses:

Some Mobile Apps Build by Ionic- 

2-React Native:

Basically, this framework uses to build exact Native mobile apps(which build through Java for Android or Swift for iOS)like Hybrid Apps. 
React Native maintained by big IT giant Facebook.

For creating an application using React Native, the knowledge of React JS is strictly required because for creating the functionality of application it uses it and for design it uses designing language which is similar to CSS but little different in some cases.

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Some Mobile Apps Build by React Native-

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Flutter is new in the market but growing rapidly. Developed and maintained by IT giant Google. Flutter is a purely open-source SDK for mobile application development. 

Flutter uses Dart programming language which also developed by Google.

For the designing User Interface (UI ) of the mobile app, Flutter uses similar styling like CSS & HTML.

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Flutter is on the list because of Dart Programming language because it is used for web and server applications development also.

Some Mobile Apps Build by Flutter-

  • These above framework & Tools are popular and highly reliable for Mobile App development using web technologies.
  • You can develop any type of mobile apps using these frameworks & tools, they provide good support for complex mobile applications as well.

That's all you needed to do for developing your Mobile Applications using your Web Development Skills.

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