How Jigen defeated Naruto & Sasuke ? (Are both legendary shinobi get weaken in Boruto series ?)

If you have watched the Boruto episode 203 , then continue because it contain rich spoilers.

Saying that writer weaken the Naruto & Sasuke in Boruto series will be wrong and it will also insult of Jigen who is far greater threat than Kaguya.

Note: I didn't reveal the real identity of Jigen because manga readers know about him but who do not read manga it will become huge spoiler for him. But still you can say Jigen is Otsutsuki in different way.

Before we head towards the reason of Jigen's victory , we will validate or correct some points, which are:

1: Jigen defeated Naruto & Sasuke easily ?

Ans: No,

  • This statement is completely wrong, Jigen won against both shinobi but not easily in return he damaged his Jigen body badly, he used his power in full extent as well.
  • In this fight Jigen was utilizing his full power and he also taken some boost power from the Ten tails along with he also have ninjutsu absorption technique which was far greater than Delta version.

2: Are Naruto & Sasuke get weaken in Boruto series ?

Ans: Maybe yes for Naruto , Not for Sasuke.

  • If you watched the fight both Jigen & Momoshiki 's first target was Sasuke Uchiha because of his strategic approach and Rinnegan based abilities.
  • Now we come to Naruto , Why I said Yes?  because Naruto didn't upgraded himself , he have six path power & kurama mode but in battle he didn't use Senjutsu/SageJutsu in  that extent (Senjutsu is powerful weapon against Otsutsuki). 
  • If you saw the fight of Koji and Jigen , you will understand what I am saying.

  • Naruto too much using ninjutsu which Otsutsuki can absorb easily, He didn't enhanced himself in Senjutsu on next level or maybe he didn't think it is necessary.

Now  let's see the reason of Jigen victory over Naruto & Sasuke :

1 Jigen is smarter & stronger:

  • Compare to Momoshiki, Jigen have more experience, he thinks smartly, and his attacks are powerful.
  • You saw that Jigen used less ninjutsu & energy blast in battle , he was using his unstoppable rods , his impressive speed, shrinking ability etc.

2 Jigen knows about the Naruto & Sasuke very well:

  • Jigen has been on Earth from very long time. (From Kaguya arrival till now) He have all the intel about Naruto & Sasuke powers and their weakness.

3 Naruto & Sasuke didn't aware with Jigen abilities :

  • In battle against Momoshiki & Kinshiki Sasuke find out the weakness of momoshiki and utilized the boruto vanishing rasengan to counter attack the momoshiki.
  • But in Jigen case they didn't get enough intel , Sasuke was able to find the weakness of Jigen shrinking abilities but as I said earlier Jigen is more smarter & powerful then Momoshiki.
  • Both shinobi didn't able to find the way to counter his rods attack and they were also fighting Jigen when he boosted himself with ten tails chakra.

So these are the main reasons why Jigen won. Hope you understand the points very well.

I personally think Naruto looses the will of becoming strong because ,
where Sasuke exploring the other dimension , gathering the data, facing new enemies, he is upgrading.

While Naruto just sitting in office and signing the papers , so he basically think all is well. (Comfort zone)

Share your opinion on it , in comment section.

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