How to enter in game development section ?!(Overview Guide)

Games not matter which platform, whether it is PC,Android ,Consoles etc ,they rocks in every place.
So here I bring the ultimate beginner guide for you to enter in the game development.

Game development giving huge opportunities to people in current scenario, whether it is online or offline games both are demanding today.

Here are the some facts which you need to see:

  • The global gaming market could be worth $175.8 billion by the end of 2021. (Source: New Zoo)
  • The number of mobile gamers worldwide is expected to reach 2.81 billion in 2021. (Source: New Zoo)
  • In 2020mobile games were responsible for 60% of the total revenue of the global video games market
  • The PC gaming market could hit $45.5 billion in 2021. (Source: Statista)

Now question arises how to enter in this section?

You can enter in game development field in three roles:

  • As a Game designer
  • As a Game developer/programmer
  • As a Game Tester

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Lets' see the importance of each role in game development section.

Full Game Development includes some topics-

Game  Design-

  • Character & Assets Design and Animation
  • Game Environment Creation(like Game world)
  • Cinematic Creation(Gameplay Cutscenes/ Trailers) 

Game Logic(How game will works)-

  • Using Programming Languages (like C++,C#,JavaScript etc)
  • Using Visual Scripting(Logic creation using nodes)

Game Design- (As an game designer what will you do)

  • In this section you will build the background of the game which includes Character Creation like in Clash of Clan there is Giants,King,Wizard which created to play as role in game.
Clash of Clan Characters

  • Assets creation ,assets are the object which will used in game like in Clash of Clan's different spells,defense system ,gold and elixir etc. 
Game Objects

  • Animating the character and assets, meaning to give them movement . like walking,attacking of Giants,Wizard,King in Clash of Clan.
Animation (Running)

Character integration with Animation

  • Game world creation includes creation of different stages/area of the game.Like if the Game is open world like Witcher-The Wild Hunt then creation of all villages,forests,rivers,mountains,sky,clouds,winds come in this section.
Game World Development in Lumberyard Engine

Ashes of Creation Game World

  • Cinematic creation meaning to build the movie like video-cuts for your game and creating the trailer of the game.

Tools Used- Blender, Maya,3dsMax,Unity,Unreal Engine etc

Game Logic-

For developing logic for games means creating the functionality. How the game will works? this thing come under this section like on some specific command specific task should be apply.

Ex- If you click on attack button then the troops will attack in clash of clan.

For building game logic and integrate it with Game environment, assets & characters  there are two methods-

Game Logic development in different tools

  •  Using programming -
Coding in Unreal Engine

Here you can use different programming language like JavaScript,Java,C++,Python,C# etc.Choosing language is depend upon your choice in which you will feel comfort.

But if you talk about popular programming language for game then C++,C# and JavaScript are top players.

  • Using visual programming/blocks programming-

Visual Scripting

This is another way to express your game logic to the computer and implement it to the games.

Visual programming/scripting
is very fast technique to implement the game logic.

For beginner purpose if you think you can not fit with the programming language go with visual scripting.

Tools UsedUnreal Engine,Unity,Panda3D,Play Canvas,Lumberyard,Cry Engine etc

Game Testing-

Alpha testing Gameplay of Ashes of Creations

  • Game testing is very essential part for every game because it helps to find out the mistake of programming logic in the form of Bugs.Game testing also help to improve the quality of games by the feedback of the game testers.
  • For work in Game testing you should have knowledge of software testing techniques and automated testing tools.
  • You can also apply for Beta Tester in Android for testing the Early Access Games in Android.

Hope this beginner guide for enter in game development section clear your doubts.

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