Top 10 Dragon Facts From How to Train Your Dragon Movie Series!

The how to Train Your Dragon movies have given a good type of dragon species, every with its own strengths and challenges. If you’re progressing to train some dragons of your own, here is our guide to the highest 10 breeds of dragon from the the way to Train Your Dragon series!

10- Hookfang

Breed:Monstrous Nightmare

A true warrior dragons who does well in combat .Hookfang has the ability to blast fire from his nostrils.

9-Bard and Belch

Breed:Hideous Zippleback

Barl and Bench spend more time bickering than getting on together.They only time they do see eye-to-eye is when enjoying a nice display of destruction.



A sweet affectionate dragon who loves to cuddle.She also has the ability to shoot flaming chunks of rock from her mouth.


Breed:Deadly Header

Stormfly is fun loving,playful and likes to preen and groom herself.She also loves collecting shiny objects and winning dragon races.

6-Terrible Terror

Terrible Terror dragons are some of the smallest dragons around. They are roughly the size of a domestic cat, and are common household pests that can breathe fire. 

Terrible Terrors’ behavior has been compared to that of seagulls, often fighting for food and swarming in small packs.

5-Red Death

The Red Death could be a large dragon with 3 pairs of eyes. it's a lot of larger than most dragons, and doesn't hunt for itself. Instead, the Red Death acts of the queen of a bigger nest of dragons, and every one the smaller dragons bring it food in tribute. 

It will control different dragons and build them swarm.


The Bewilderbeast is that the biggest breed of dragon, and additionally one in all the rarest. they need the flexibility to commune with alternative dragons and to regulate them. 

Bewilderbeasts additionally don't spit fire, however will freeze water because it exits their mouth for powerful ice attacks. They additionally use this ice to make big nests for themselves.



The Stormcutter dragon is an skilled flyer, assisted  by its four wings that kind an ‘X’ form whereas in motion. These dragons will build dangerous maneuvers and spectacular displays of acrobatics whereas within the air. they'll additionally spin fire tornadoes by using their wings as they breathe flames.

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Breed:Night Fury

Playful,Curious and highly intelligent with unlimited energy.He is a rare breed Night Fury dragon and Hiccup's most loyal friend.Toothless commands respect from dragons and humans alike and has established himself as king of all dragons.

1-Light Fury

Light Fury moves fast and will defend anyone in need.With scales that transform into a reflective surface that mirror her surroundings.She hast the ability to become invisible and blend into the sky.

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