Jiren vs Broly Who is Stronger ? and Why?

This is very important or you can say very critical topic that between Jiren and Broly ,who is stronger? .You can see there is war like situation in every social media between Jiren and Broly fan.

So for giving this question answer ,i did some research and collected some logical aspects for giving the answer to this question.

So lets get started-

Officials of the movie said that Broly is mightier than Jiren ,i also get astonished by hearing that at first and also jump on that war of Jiren vs Broly.

But when i saw the movie , i get little indication for that critical question's answer so i collected some points regarding that .

1- Broly and Jiren Power Abilities:

We know well that Jiren made himself stronger by Hard work and training .He was not gifted by any special high level energy or power ,He make himself by own on that high level .Which takes alot time even it is alot greater than our Goku and Vegeta.

Now if we see Broly case then ,here we can see in movie that he borned with high level of energy power at his birth time his energy was approax 10,000.He did not done hard training as Jiren in his training time.

2- Learning Capabilities:

Jiren done hard training many years and able to reach a level which even beyond the power of God of Destruction.

But in case of broly he Challenge the God power just by one day fight.If you think if Broly do similar training as Jiren did and able to understand his ultimate power capabilities then who can stand?

In Tournament of Power Jiren gives many chances to Goku and Vegeta ,and they both saiyan break their limits but if you consider an special or ultimate saiyan in place of Goku and Vegeta ,and he also did alot training as they(Goku & Vegeta) did then what will the level of battle?

3-Power Control:

Jiren is a pro- fighter and he have total control on his Power ,abilities .While in case of Broly he can not control his power which makes him Berserk ,which is also his weakness.

I think you guys remember that episode when Jiren stop the other  Legendary Saiyan by one blast hit?
So control over your power is essential factor.


I finally created two  results on the basis of  above points.

  •  If we put that Broly as similar as movie, against of Jiren than ,eventually Jiren will win.
  •  But If we put Broly  against Jiren, after some hard training  equal to Goku and Vegeta than Broly will win .

I think maybe you guys satisfied with my answer ,i know my answer cannot agree by all people but i put my own opinion regarding it,with considering some logical aspects.

Comment your opinion regarding the conclusion and help  to find out the even more appropriate conclusion.

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