Super Saiyan Green Aura Explained (DBS:Broly)!

Before you read the post be sure you already saw the Dragon Ball Super:Broly ,If you not then come back to post after watching the movie.

Here  I am talking about Super Saiyan Green Aura which also referred as Legendary Super Saiyan form.
In the DBS:Broly we saw that Vegeta and Goku are transformed for couple of second in Green Aura just like Broly did in the last fight against Gogeta.

Broly Final Form 

So questions arises ,
Is this is new super saiyan form? or 
just a animation play by movie creators? 

Lets see all questions one-by-one-

Is this is new Super Saiyan Form?

Well it is not confirm because there is no official announcement regarding this.The creators did not even hinted any clue regarding new form.

But there are some theories which indicates that it may be a new form which known as Super Saiyan Green which unlocks Legendary Saiyan powers in normal Saiyan.

Vegeta Transformation

Broly already inhabited that power from its born but he did not know how to control that power.

Super Saiyan Green is the next level of Super Saiyan Yellow which withstand against God powers or maybe overwhelmed, we see it proof in DBS:Broly ,but still it is Legendary Saiyan form maybe it only depends on the genetic structure of the saiyan.

Broly Super Saiyan Transformation

Was it just an animation play by creators?

Goku Transformation

Yes in most cases it getting true , to make movie animation better and to get more understanding regarding Super Saiyan Form among audience ,creators uses the green color to make it more visible how an Super Saiyan form evolves and what it shows ,when it change from one color form to other color form.

Conclusion: Currently there are only theories ,not available any solid proof.So it maybe a animation play by creators or maybe a new form is upcoming.

Do not worry or think much about it because Dragon Ball Super is coming back and it is officialy announced by Toei Animation.

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