DC Universe Most Powerful Families !

Here are top DC Families , in no particular order instead, they are listed on the basis of their popularity among fans and DC Universe.

1. The New Gods:

New Gods

They lived within the Fourth Realm- a realm beyond our space-time and close to the Source, the New Gods are extremely-advanced beings with technology beyond human-conception and understanding. They have a plenty of powers and abilities granted through their superior physiology, like immortality ,immunity and invulnerability. 
The family is divide into two planets:

  •  Apokolips which is led by Darkseid 
  •  New Genesis which is led by High-Father.

2. Green Lantern Corps:

Green Lantern Corps

If we consider families on  the basis of number of members then Green Lantern Corps is top among them.Green Lantern Corps is not a tradition family instead they work as family . They scattered all over the Galaxy for defending it from danger. They work as Galaxy Police.

3. House of El(The Superman Clan):

House of El

It includes that of Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl, Krypto,Steel etc., each containing fantastical powers boasted by Superman such as durability , strength and technology. The family is led by Superman.

4. The Flash Family(The Speed Force Family):

Speed Force Family

Containing ‘the fastest men alive,’ the Flash Family includes speedsters that can challenge and defy gravity, space and time due to their immeasurable power to tap into the Speed-Force. The family is led by the Flash/Barry Allen.

5. The Marvel Family(Shazam Family):

Shazam Family

The Marvel Family is an extension of Shazam, with each member inherit the same incredible magical powers of the gods as Shazam. The family is led by Shazam. They also showed in Justice League:Flashpoint Paradox movie where each member combined their powers ,which resulted Captain Thunder.

6. The Bat-Family:

Bat Family

Well Bat Family is most popular family in DC and you know well about them in compare to any families in DC Universe.
The Bat-Family boasts the most powerful human family without superpowers but instead, superior mastery in martial arts and dozens of other forms of combat. The family is led by the Batman.

If, i miss any other popular family ,you can mention them in comments section.

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