Vegito vs Gogeta Who is Strong? and Why?(Based on Logical Points)

There is alot discussion regarding fusion avatars Vegito and Gogeta.Who is stronger? and Why?

We will discuss all the points which will prove that who is better in different aspects like firepower,stamina , power usability , Time limit etc.

1- Both Fusion Characters are Equally Powerful:

Gogeta Power-Up

They are fusion form of Goku and Vegeta ,just their techniques makes the difference.If we go theoretically then both Vegito and Gogeta are equally powerful.

Vegito Power-Up

They are equal in stamina,strength, firepower,blaster power ,speed and durability.

 But next point have some limitations.

2-Time Limitations and Power Usability:

These point give some nerve regarding fusion weakness.

Vegito Final Kamehameha

In case of Vegito ,the fusion technique is Potara which is basically designed for Kaioshin but Goku and Vegeta power level are alot higher then Kaioshins in Super Saiyan Blue Form .
Potara fusion can not be breaked one it done but it breaked because they used power beyond the limit of Potara fusion.

Gogeta Blaster Attack

Whereas if consider Dance Fusion then there is time limitation of 30 mintues but in that you can able to use full power of fusion character.That's reason why Gogeta consider advantage over the Vegito regarding Power Usability.

Power Usability is main reason which give Gogeta an upper-hand ,You already know Gogeta wins nearly all it fights where as Vegito fails.If we ignore the Buu Saga where Potara fusion breaked due to other reason.

Gogeta vs Broly


Basically if we consider in Super level where Gogeta defeated The Legendary Saiyan: Broly in fight, then absolutely Gogeta is best regarding its full power usability in 30 minutes in compare to Vegito where you can only use its limited power.

But if you consider for Super Saiyan form then both fusion characters are equal in powers and abilities even Vegito will have advantage then because there will be no time limit but beyond that Gogeta is preferable.

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