Goku vs Naruto Battle Comparison based on Logical Points!

There is alot of discussion going about the battle between characters from different anime/movies. One of the most popular comparisons is Goku vs Naruto, the question arises here who will win if they fight to each other?

Fans of both characters give an example in favor of their characters and try to prove that their character is more powerful and will win.

Here I will show a comparison between Goku & Naruto on the basis of a logical point of view.
Before I start, let me tell you that I am a fan of both characters. They both inspired me alot, they basically teach me to never back down.

So let gets start,

1: On the Basis of Blaster Power:

> Naruto energy attacks are better than Goku, we are talking on the basis of usability(in their fights).

If you consider Naruto Kyubi Form and Goku SSB Form then, it is absolute that Naruto uses much energy blasters in comparison to Goku.
So Naruto is capable to attack high energy blasts for a long time compared to Goku.

2: On the Basis of Speed:

Regarding speed Goku has an advantage, he can move faster compared to Naruto. You can judge their speed by yourself by checking their battles.

3: On the Basis of Stamina/Chakra:

Both have limitations here, Goku cannot maintain his form cause of low stamina. Naruto also has chakra limitations, Kurma also needs to recharge himself after the battle.
But there are some special abilities both have when they low at their stamina/chakra.

Regarding Goku, it is Ultra Instinct but still, it consumes stamina but less similarly Naruto has a nature energy absorption technique(Sage Mode).

So basically both tie here.

4: On the Basis of Hand to Hand Fight :

This part is a little tough to explain but it connected to the speed also.

Whereas Goku is better at speed compared to Naruto that's why He has an advantage in Hand to Hand fight against Naruto.

5: On the Basis of  Extra Techniques:

Regarding techniques, Naruto is a lot better than Goku.

> Naruto has a different type of Jutsu including Decoy type(Shadow Clones) and many others.

Whereas Goku is a straight forward fighter, he does not possess many techniques except fighting.

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6: On the Basis of Self-Healing:

Here also Naruto takes the chance because of Kurama he can able to heal his wounds whereas Goku does not have that type of support. Without senzu beans, he can't heal himself due to which durability of Naruto increased here.

7: On the Basis of Flight :

Here Goku already takes the chance. 

Goku has flight power which made him extra powerful in battles, because of flight power and good speed his movement increased alot as well as his hand to hand battle.

Naruto has flight power also but it is occasionally, originally he does not have the ability of flight.

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8: God Form :

Recently Goku achieved the God Power (Ultra Instinct) which is far stronger than any form of Naruto even higher than his Six Path Mode.

Naruto in Six Path Mode only gains 50% of its abilities and the other 50% Sasuke have.
So here Goku has the upper hand.


So we discuss a total of 7 +1=8 points:

  • On the basis of Blaster Power(Naruto)
  • On the basis of Speed(Goku)
  • On the basis of Stamina/Chakra(Tie)
  • On the basis of Hand to Hand Fight(Goku) 
  • On the basis of  Extra Techniques(Naruto)
  • On the basis of Self Healing(Naruto)
  • On the basis of Flight(Goku)
  • On the basis of God Form (Goku)

So finally Goku is winner here.

But it can be unbalanced if you apply particular conditions then some of these key points can become a disadvantage also. (Like not use of God Form)

So the conclusion is that if you consider full power comparison then Goku is the champion.
These are my points of view, and I just tried to explain it on the basis of logical points. 


  1. About speed
    Naruto is not fast but his reaction speed is faster than light. When he is in sage of six path mode, he can sense any dangers before it happens.

    Remember, he was able to dodge madara's light speed attack(also light speed attack of delta)

    So we can say it is a tie

    Also in stamina
    He has almost infinite amount of stamina that he can take battle to very long time
    Remwmber he taught in 4th great Ninja war for About 3 days without even sleeping.

    Naruto wins in Stamina

    Now finally let's talk about flight.
    Naruto can levitate too when he uses sage of six path mode.(yes, he still has sage of six path mode)

    Here's a tie in Speed


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