War of Empire Conquest : Game Review ( Similar to Age of Empires 2 for mobile devices with offline & online mode)


Basic Overview -

War of Empire Conquest (WOE): 3 v 3 arena is an RTS game with online & offline mode, game is similar to Age of Empires 2 for android/iphone.

Online Mode: 

  • One player creates a match game (room)  and other players join the match game to fight against each other.
  • Maximum 3 vs 3 players can compete to each other. 

Offline Mode: (on of the best offline strategy game for android &

  • In offline mode you play against AI through campaigns, custom maps etc.
  • You can set the difficulty level of AI in custom maps.
  • Game provide 20+ offline campaigns to play.

Elements of the game-

Civilization you can play:

  • WOE consist 18 powerful civilizations in the medieval ages including China, Japan, Persia, Teutonic, Mongolian, Gothic, Maya, etc.)
  • Each Civilization has 8 types of regular units and 1 type of unique unit.
  • The regular units are the same in every civilization.
  • While each Civilization has its unique unit. Example:  Riders in Mongolia, War Elephants in Persia, Conquistadors in Spain, etc.

Army units:

The regular units include:

  • Swordsman
  • Pikeman
  • Archers
  • Light Cavalry
  • Aries (Exclusively used in attacking buildings.)


  • Economic based: House, Farm, Lumberyard, Temple etc.
  • Army based: Archer/Swordsman Trainer, Siege Workshop, Unit upgrades workshop, Fort etc.

Core gameplay includes:

  • Develop Economy: Keep producing as more farmers as possible and collecting resources.
  • Destroy Enemies. Especially, it’s necessary for players to cooperate with allies to form a legion for defeating enemy.
  • Age upgrades: From the dark ages to the feudal era, the castle era, and the emperor era (the purpose of the era upgrade is to unlock more technologies). After the era upgrade, more types of buildings and units will be unlocked.

War of Empire Conquest Offline gameplay:

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How this game generate revenue ?

Advertisement (Ads): 

Yes , game show the ads when you play online. The ads will show just before the joining or creating the room.

Purchasing the premium civilization:

Some civilization are not available for free , you need to purchase them.

Game Pros-

  • Great option for RTS lover who likes Age of Empires type game.
  • Game also provide online skirmish mode to battle against other players.
  • Multiple army units and buildings with Age upgradation feature.
  • Game is totally skill based , there is no pay to win aspect.

Game Cons-

  • Some people felt annoy from the ads.
  • A lot of civilization are not free and unlocking them takes little hard effort or you can easily get them by purchasing.

War of Empire Conquest Online gameplay:

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As per my experience WOE is of the best offline strategy game for android & iOS with not pay to win aspect, you will definitely enjoy the game, it totally depend on your strategy.

I accept some civilization are not available for free to play but they do not impact much on the game.

Also the ads are not that much annoying , Ads show in very precise manner and it only show in online mode which is casual because developers also required revenue to upgrade the game.

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