Best RTS games similar to Age of Empires for android. [With online & offline mode]


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In this post i bring you the true RTS games for android with online & offline mode , these RTS games don't follow time queue section instead you can build your empire/village instantly as you gathered the required resources.

similar_games_like_age of empires

All mentioned games have similar feature like Age of empires , these games are not MMO , in online maximum 3 vs 3 match is allowed.

So, let's start :

Here is the video version :

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1: RTS siege up - Medieval warfare strategy offline

This game is completely offline, there is no online mode. 
Game graphics is similar to Minecraft but more polished.


  • Full 3D gameplay.
  • Game provide multiple single player campaign.
  • You can create your own custom game with bots.
  • Build anything and train melee, archers or cavalry without artificial timers.
  • With land units , you can also build naval units.

2:  The bonefire 2: Uncharted Shores

This game is in early access. Internet required to play this game even in single player mode.


  • You can play this game in multiple languages : English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, etc
  • Build settlements, weapons & gather resources
  • Survive and defend your village from random monsters.
  • Map generated randomly so you can explore it and find new cities for trade or looting.
  • Character Progression for upgrading your villagers with equipment, weapons & abilities.

3:  War of kings: strategy war

Game almost similar to Age of Empires in terms of game play

but yea it have some extra features and graphic also differ.


  • Real time gameplay: No waiting queue to building settlements & army creation.
  • Offline mode:  you can play continuously with enemies without the need to connect to the Internet.
  • Online mode:  You can start looking for opponents from around the world and fight them with Friends and win loot and gems to develop civilization .
  • Multiple civilization you can play: European, Spanish , Arab, Vietnamese, Russian, Indian and much more.
  • Multiple modes: 1 vs 1, 2vs 2 , 3 vs 3.
  • Voice and written chat option.

4: War of Empire Conquest : 3vs3 Arena

It is an RTS game with online & offline mode. Game is 80% similar to Age of Empires.


  • Online Mode: One player creates a match game (room)  and other players join the match game to fight against each other.( Max 3 vs 3)
  • Offline Mode : Game provide 20+ offline campaigns to play. With ability to create custom game.
  • Multiple civilization you can play like China, Japan, Persia, Teutonic, Mongolian, Gothic, Maya, etc.

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Try this games, they will satisfy your rts gaming soul on android , these are not MMO instead they are real time empire building games similar to Age of Empires with real time action.

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