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Best programming languages for Game development in 2021-22

Things you should know, which is:

  • The quality of a language for game development is directly proportional to the quality of the tools (libraries, framework and engines) available for that language. 
  • Mostly multiple programming used for different components in game development by big Game studios whereas Small game studio and Indie developer use single programming based games using popular tools like game engine or framework.

All the listed  languages are best available one for game development in 2021-22.

So, let's start the list, I also added  the popular tools of the programming language for game development.


The best choice programming language for game development. High graphics-end games develop using C++ because, it is hardware friendly language and provide best performance speed. 

Best tools available to build game using C++ ?

Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Cocos, Godot Engine etc.


C# is widely used game programming after  C++ because there is a game engine name Unity which quite popular among Indie game developers and which uses C# for game programming.

Best tools available to build game using C# ?

Unity Engine, Godot, Monogame etc

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In video game development, Lua is widely used as a scripting language by game programmers, due to its fast execution, and short learning curve.

Best tools available to build game using Lua ?

Amazon Lumberyard, CryEngine, Defold Game Engine etc

JavaScript (with HTML5)

JS get quite popular recently in game development, you can create web based and mobile gams using JS but It's not perfect language for high-graphics & heavy game development.

Best tools available to build game using JavaScript ?

Play Canvas, Babylon JS, Phaser, Cocos etc.

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You can create games using Python, it is possible. You can create 2D/3D games with it. but still game studios prefer to use Python for some component development in game not as whole programming language like C++/C#/JS.

Best tools available to build game using Python ?

Pygame, Panda3D etc.


There are libraries & framework available to build games using Java. You can create 2/2.5D games with Java but for 3D game development, Java is not good option.

Best tools available to build game using Java?

Light Weight Java Game Library, LitiEngine, LibGDX etc.

Above mentioned languages are best available programming languages for game development for upcoming 15-20 years without doubt.

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