3 best AI Logo Maker – To design your logo online in a minute with a few simple steps for free

AI (Artificial Intelligence) based logo maker/generator is a great tool for creating a logo by yourself, because they are highly easy to use (just pick & click next).

How AI Logo maker is better than traditional online logo maker ? 

  • AI logo generator are for non-tech people, beginners and business people compare to simple logo maker where you select particular template and  customize it, In AI based logo maker, it asks you some initial data requirement like: Business type, Business name, Slogan, Selection of Colors, Selection of Icons, Selection of some sample logo  etc.
  • After that, it creates your logo suggestions accordingly, so basically it identifying your need and creates the logo & saves a lot of time compare to simple logo maker where you do things manually.

So let’s view the best available free to use AI logo maker in the market.

1- Looka: Easily make a stunning logo

  • I placed Looka on top, this AI brand maker is perfect for business people. Looka includes several steps to take your preferences and generate the logo suggestion accordingly.
  • Most important part is that , on Looka you will get most satisfying logo recommendation. 
  • No need to register for creating the logo, for downloading the logo, login is required.
  • It is completely free to use,  once you satisfied with your logo design then after paying one-time payment you can download it.
  • Looka have highly affordable pricing, with one time payment option where you will get complete brand (logo, business card, social media variations of logo, multiple size variations etc) design.

How it works?

Step-1: Enter your Business name

Step-2:  Select your industry

Step-3:  Pick some sample logos you like

Step-4: Pick some colors 

Step-5: Confirm your business name & slogan

Step-6: Select upto 5 icons or you can skip it.

Step-7: Looka will provide some logo suggestions according to your previous data.

Step-8: You can download the logo, if you liked any suggestion or you can further customize it for final touch.

Step-9: Download your logo by selecting the appropriate package.

Pricing plans of Looka

Steps are very simple, and after creating an account you can further create other brand identity design according to your package.

Looka save your a lot of time and efforts.

It’s package are not too expensive, they are highly affordable for you,  because if you hire any professional then it will cost more than that.

2- Logopony: Generate Professional logo in a second

  • The basic logo design steps are similar to previous mentioned logo maker (Totally Easy)
  • If you are not satisfied with the suggestions of previous AI logo maker then you can also try Logopony, especially for personal branding it is great tool.
  • Logopony provide one-time purchase option only, with life-time access.
  • You can create your logo without register & login, for downloading you need to login.

How it works ?

Step-1: Enter company/business name

Step-2:  Pick some sample logos style

Step-3: Select the color combination

Step-4:  Select the icons upto 5

Step-5:  Logopony will generate logos suggestion as per the entered data

Step-6: You can select and download the logo which looks more suitable or you can edit further for final touch

Pricing plans of Logopony:

It mainly provides two plans with one-time payment & life-time access.

3- My Brand New Logo: Design your brand

  • The basic concept is same of this AI logo maker similarly to previous mentioned tools, but it’s user interface is more user-friendly and reduce the steps further.
  • Design unlimited logo until you satisfy for free and download it by purchasing the plans.
  • Compare to pricing part it is most affordable one with only 7.5$ you can create and download your professional logo.

How it works?

Step-1: Enter your business name, slogan and select industry.

Step-2: Pick a color or select surprised you option (AI will select on your behalf)

Step-3: Review the generated logos , edit it if you want and then download it.

Pricing plans of My Brand New Logo:

They are currently providing 70% discount in their packages through this offer, you will get Logo + Social media creatives in 15$ only.

Final thoughts-

Which one will be best AI logo maker for me?

If you are looking for complete brand design like: Logo, Banner, Social media creatives, cards etc then go with Looka & Logopony & If you are just looking for logo then go with My Brand New Logo.

All the mentioned AI logo maker are best in the market with highly affordable cost, gives you free accessibility to logo creation until you satisfy. (no limitations and problem of premium templates)

I hope this post was useful for you, Don’t hesitate to share with your friends because it will help them in their business.

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