Marvel Future Revolution Complete Review : features, modes, and flaws

Game basic Intro: 

Future Revolution is new open-world action game set in Marvel universe where you can create the team of your favorite heroes. 

Game graphics is OK and you required an good mobile device to play this game.

Here is the mobile device requirement to run the game smoothly:

  • RAM : 4GB +
  • Game size : 6GB approx
  • Good internet connection.

Download Future Revolution:

Google Play Store, Apple Store

Let's see the in-depth review of Marvel Future Revolution:

Game Features:

1: Open-World

  • Future Revolution is semi open-world  you can freely roam in any of the selected regions and can meet with different people who will doing mission just like you in that region.
  • On each region you can do mission solo or with friends. You can join with other players for boss battles. (See detail in Game mode section)
  • But still game is not completely open-world, there are some limitations in the boundaries.

2: Costume Customization

  • Future revolution provide in-depth costume customization which help you to improve the abilities, skills & other stats of your heroes.
  • By doing quest/mission you will get new gears/costume. Based on Stars * costume quality & attributes determined.

3: Real-time Co-op

  • That's means you can invite your friend or alliance member in real-time mission for help. You can join with friends and battle against bosses in Blitz & Raid mode.
  • Game is completely massive multiplayer game and you can take help of stranger in grinding area around you.

4: Auto-play system

  • Future Revolution have auto-play system but don't get irritate with that, because this feature is helpful for grinding-part but against new high level villain bosses it is useless.
  • In boss fight you need to dodge their attack because they give massive damages and Auto-play system failed there because it focuses attack only not dodge.

5: Path-finder

  • Future revolution have path-finder which will guide you to the mission & npc, you will not get confused. Game also provide mini-map.

Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay:

Game Modes:

1: Special Operation & Story Mission

  • These mission will help you to level up your hero and it's gears. You can find these quest easily in the selected region and story based mission will be started when you 1st login in the game.
  • In your account you can add multiple heroes but for each hero the story mission will be different like : Dr. Strange & Ironman mission will be different.

2: Blitz

  • In this game mode, team of 4 players will stand against marvel super villains like: Thanos, Loki, Ultron and their army.

3: Raid

  • It is also an group based team fight where several players will battler against the Target like: Bosses, Army of Villains etc.

4: Omega War

  • You can consider this mode like- Alliance war where multiple alliance will clash to each other for rewards & ranking.

5: Dimension Duel

  • 1vs1 PVP for testing your hero against other players. 


  • Future Revolution have different regions, each region is set for different power level players and consist different type of mobs,  bosses & NPC.

Where Marvel Future Revolution game didn't stand out ?

  • Game don't provide complete open-world as you see in other game where you can go any place of the world or explore it. It have some region based limitations.
  • Gameplay can be improved, you will feel like you are playing Marvel future fight with open-world feature.
  • Story based & Special mission are repetitive which you can complete using Auto-play feature,
  • Superhero are limited currently, maybe in future they will add more.


Marvel Future Revolution Game is worth to try but still i can say it will not completely satisfy you in terms Open-world superhero game but a lot of modes are there so it can be fun with friends & boss fight are also good at some point. 

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