Earn crypto by playing your favorite games on Womplay | A play to earn platform

Hello all, 

From recent boom in Blockhain technology alot of new play to earn apps available from where you can earn extra income in the form of cryptocurrency by playing your favorite games.

Womplay: A play to earn platform

So from one of them, I bring you a great product Womplay platform, it is a web app from where you can earn cryptos & nfts by playing games.

Let's explore about Womplay in detail:

What is Womplay ?

Womplay Home

  • Womplay is a rewards platform designed for passionate players that gets them crypto and NFTs from playing games.
  • The best part is many of your favourite game titles are integrated with it like: World of Tanks, World of Warships, League of Angels, Empire four kingdoms etc and they keep adding new games in each week.

How you will earn Cryptos & NFTs on Womplay?

You will collect Wombucks(points) by completing following task on this reward platform:

Play Elvenar and earn using Womplay
Elvenar game task to earn Wombucks

  • In-Game task: Performing certain in-game actions, such as reaching milestones, gaining experience, using items or making purchases etc. (View the game details & download it)

  • Performance-based Challenges: You can compete with other players on online game and earn Wombucks by winning the match.
  • Loot boxes: Loot boxes grant you up to 500 Wombucks every day. Nothing you need to do, just bust that chest open!
  • NFT Rewards: Completing special kind of quests, you can get game-themed NFTs of five different rarities!
  • Daily Quests: In the upper right corner, you can see a quest scroll with daily tasks for you. In exchange, you will get Wombucks.

Play browser games  and earn using Womplay
Quick browser game & challenges

  • Quick Play: A selected tier of browser games will be available to bring more variety on Womplay and provide you with easy earning options. However, the Quick Play selection can only award you with 300 Wombucks per day collectively.

These collected Wombucks will be exchange to a cryptocurrency named EOS, this will be done by participating in the prize pool. 

1 EOS = $4 (as per current market)

Womplay- Prize pool
Womplay- Prize Pool

On each week prize pool is announced and EOS distributed according the players contribution points (Wombucks), more players means more Wombucks you required to exchange the good amount of EOS.

These events typically last for a week and end on Fridays, at 13:00 CET.

So basically you will earn cryptocurrency (EOS) by playing games on Womplay. (Which is cool, I guess)

What types of games are available to play ?

Womplay games list
Womplay games

  • PC , Mobile & Browser based games. (4-5 games for each platform, they are adding new games in each week)
  • All games.

Is it free to use ?

  • Completely free to use.

How to start on Womplay ?

  • Register/Sign-up yourself on the Womplay. (Use our referral= T7XRXJB to get extra Wombucks)
  • Create your EOS crypto wallet. ( Just click, it will create automatically)
  • Complete the task. (Play games, join the challenges, daily task reward etc)

Play Raid:Shadow Legends and earn using Womplay
Raid: Shadow Legends game task to earn Wombucks

  • Make sure to use the installation links of games provided by Womplay to be able to earn Wombucks. 
  • Don't un & Reinstall the game untill your Wombucks credited to your account for each task you have done on game.

How much you can earn on Womplay ?

Wombucks to EOS
Total Wombucks collected

  • In each week they announce the prize pool of 2500-3000$ and you have to collect as many Wombucks as possible by completing the task so your contribution would be higher in prize-pool and you can get more EOS cryptos accordingly.
  • Mainly your earnings depend on two things: the total amount of Wombucks submitted for the event and your share of those. 

For example:

  • If all the challengers contribute 100,000 Wombucks with you putting in 16,000 Wombucks, you will get 16% of the prize pool. But this share might change as more Womplayers join the event and contribute more Wombucks.

Any Issue with the platform ?

Yes. there is one, maybe some game's download or install link will not work and show error. So in that case select other game and also write a mail to womplay support about it, that this "Game name" download/install link is not working along with error page screenshot.

I faced that problem when i was trying to install Elvenar on the mobile.

So start your play to earn journey using Womplay platform and utilize your precious time for extra income by playing your favorite games. It is one of the best play to earn app in the market currently.

Hope it was helpful for you, check out our other useful post & share it with your friends.

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