What is Decenttrailized Apps (Dapps) ? Explained in Simple Terms


What is Dapps in simple terms

What is a Dapp ?

Decentralized Apps (Dapps) are like normal apps in interface and function, but they run on a peer-to-peer network or on blockchain network of computers.

For example: BitTorrent, Brave browser etc.

"That means not a single company or entity has control over the app."

Where as-

A standard normal app, such as Ola or Instagram, runs on a computer system that is owned and operated by an organization, giving it full authority over the app and its workings. There are also called Centralized Apps.

There may be multiple users on one side, but the backend is controlled by a single organization.

For example:

  • A developer can create a Facebook-like Dapp and put it on a blockchain where any user can publish messages. Once posted, no one—including the app creators—can delete the messages.
  • You can develop any type of dapps like: games, social media dapp, video streaming dapp, messenger dapp, browser dapp etc, on your favorite blockchain network.
  • Yes, you heard right there are multiple Blockchain network available for developing the Dapps, Most popular one is Ethereum and others are : Tron, Solana, Cardano and Polkadot etc.

Dapps example : 

Example of decentralized apps

Key features of Dapps - 

  • It must be open-source and operate on its own without anyone entity controlling it.
  • Its data and records must be public.
  • It must use a cryptocurrency to help keep the network secure.

Major benefits of Dapps- 

Censorship-resistant: With no single point of failure, it’s very difficult for governments or powerful individuals to control the network.

No downtime- Relying on a peer-to-peer system ensures the dapps continue to work even if individual computers or parts of the network go down.

Blockchain based- As they are made of smart contracts, they can easily integrate cryptocurrencies into the basic functionalities of the Dapp.

Open-source- This encourages the widespread development of the dapp ecosystem enabling developers to build better dapps with more useful or interesting functions.


Smart Contracts Explained: 
A smart contract is a computer program stored on a blockchain. Smart contracts automatically execute commands when specific conditions are met. 

Example of Smart Contract

Smart contracts form the core of blockchain and Decentralized finance applications, as no human intervention is needed to execute the contract after both parties agree to it.

What are the weaknesses of dapps?

Usability- A lot of Dapps have poor user-interfaces, which have put a lot of users off.

But still this scenario is improving because of rapid development in blockchain industry.

Users base-  The more users a Dapp has, the more effective the network is at delivering those services. This is often referred to as the network effect.

Dapps struggle from low user numbers, which can make them less interactive. It can also make them less secure, as a Dapp's security can often rely on how many users it has.

Hope, now you understand clearly, what exactly dapps is and how it works.

In upcoming years you will have multiple choices in social media, browser, cloud storage, video streaming dapps to select, where as-- games & crypto exchange already getting huge list of dapps.

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