10+ Best Play2Earn NFT/Crypto Games for Mobile to play right now | 2022 Edition

 play 2earn nft/crypto games for mobile in 2022

Before we move to games, let's do quick revise about play2earn NFT/Crypto games.

What are Play2Earn NFT/Crypto games ?

  • These game are build on blockchain technology, where you earn cryptocurrency & NFT by playing games.
  • These games are Decentralized apps means - single company don't control the games.
  • That cryptocurrency is used for running the game ecosystem just like game gold coin but it has some real value and power to vote for further development & improvement of the game.

  • NFT are basically game items (heroes/equipment/skins/tools) which you own and can trade on Marketplace of the game in-exchange of crypto currency or can lend to other players.
  • Game cryptocurrency is tradable on DEX (Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Like: Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Biswap etc)) & CEX (Centralized cryptocurrency exchange like: Binance, Gate, Wazirx etc)

Now, Let's roll-out the list of play2earn games for mobile, you should try- 

Video version (No commentary Gameplays of each game)

1:  Heroes TD 

Free to play: Yes but NFT Hero required to earn in the game.

Play to Earn: Crypto ($HTD/$CGC) & NFT (Heroes)

  • In Heroes TD, players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend their bases. 
  • There are 2 types of Heroes: Non-NFT Heroes and NFT Heroes. Non-NFT Heroes are given to players at the beginning to experience the game. For earning the crypto you need to use NFT heroes, which you can purchase from the NFT marketplace of the game.

    Heroes TD NFT Marketplace

  • $HTD is the main token of Heroes TD, tradable on DEX or earned through Play-to-Earn in-game activities. Used for summoning new NFT Heroes. voting and staking.
  • $CGC is the second token of the game economy. Offered in most Play-to-Earn in-game activities, tradable on DEX, earned through play to earn. Used for Join challenges, Tournament and Summon new heroes.

NFT Marketplace of Heroes TD

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

2:  Real Realm

Free to play:  Yes with Free to Earn

Play to Earn: Crypto ($REAL) & NFT (Heroes)

  • Real Realm is a war strategy game, Joining the game, players have great opportunities to collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their NFT heroes .
  • In the Real Realm universe, The NFTs Mies are great warriors that everyone wants to have, you can either purchase these NFT heroes from marketplace or can also obtain in the game through collecting the hero pieces.

Real Realm NFT Marketplace

  • $REAL Token is the main currency  of the game, which you will earn by playing & trading NFT, it also used for Governance, purchasing NFTs, and Entry Permission for Special Events and Tournament in the game. 
  • Diamond is the secondary in-game currency to purchase items at the in-game shop. Users can get diamonds through loading their REAL Token into the game or take part in in-game activities.
  • Diamond can be used to: Speed up time-based mechanism, such as upgrading units, heroes, buildings etc.

NFT Marketplace of Real Realm

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

3:  Heroes & Empire

Free to play: NFT required to play the game

Play to Earn:  Crypto ($HE) & NFT (Here)

  • Heroes & Empires is a strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess. 
  • Lead your Heroes into action packed battles and win to earn rewards including $HE token (main currency) and valuable NFT assets.

    Heroes & Empires NFT Marketplace


  • Trade your NFTs on a full-stack Marketplace or utilize these assets in H&E ecosystem to maximize profits through DeFi features such as Staking, Lending & Borrowing of NFT to other players and earn X% commission.

NFT Marketplace of Heroes & Empires

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

4:  Forest Knight

Free to play: Yes with Free to earn

Play to Earn:  Crypto & NFT items (weapon, accessories, pets, land)

  • Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game, where players find themselves in an unknown land and need to build their team of heroes and fight against evil.
  • Inspired by successful games, such as Heroes might and magic and clash Royal, the game combines the best of two worlds – a fun and exciting PVE RPG experience, a PVP competitive and social gameplay modes.
  • $Knight is main currency of the game which you will earn by competing in PVP events, completing specific quest and selling the NFTs on marketplace of the game.

NFT Marketplace of Forest Knight - Coming Soon

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

5:  Axie Infinity

Free to play: NFT required to play the game (you can purchase it from marketplace)

Play to Earn: Crypto, NFT (axies, land, in-game resources)

  • Axie Infinity is a game about collecting, raising and battling cute fantasy creatures called Axie.
  • Each Axie has unique strengths and weaknesses based on its genes, billions of combinations are possible in this game.
  • Earn AXS tokens (main currency) by playing & selling NFTs and trade it to the market for other currency, buy NFT, give voting to the game.


Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace

  • Become a land baron and start your own Kingdom! Use land to farm rare resources, tokens, and attack dungeons!
  • Smooth Love potions ($SLP) is  in-game token, can be earned by playing the game in the PvP Arena. It's used for breeding the new Axie in the game.

NFT Marketplace of Axie Infinity

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

6:  League of Kingdoms

Free to play: Yes but for earning you required to purchase an NFT.

Play to Earn: Crypto & NFT (castle skin, land, dragon)

  • The world's first MMO Strategy game owned & powered by users. Build a strong kingdom and armies to overpower other kingdoms and monsters. 
  • $LOK (Govern token, NFT purchase, staking, voting) & $DST (Utility token for upgrades, breeding, earn by using dragon, and other stuff, coming soon)

LoK Land Sales

You can earn  $LoK in two ways:

  1. Buy a land (NFT) using $LoK token and start developing the land and earn DAI, which will added to your wallet.
  2. Buy a dragon (NFT) and use it in battle, upgrade it, breed new dragons and Trade upgraded NFTs for profits and get $LOK token. (similarly level up the land or create new castle skin by merging two and trade them).

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

7:  Kingdom Karnage

Free to play: Yes with free to earn 

Play to Earn: NFT, Crypto( ENJ coin)

  • Kingdom Karnage is turn based RPG game.
  • Choose your deck, conquer faction campaigns, explore dungeons for rewards, and Practice in unranked 1v1. Climb to the top in ranked 1v1, prizes for weekly and monthly rankings.
  • When fighting in ranked PvP each win/loss moves you along the monthly PvP ladder. Battle your way into the top 100 to win $ENJ
  • All assets in the game can be withdrawn as tokenized NFTs and are infused with Enjin Cryptocurrency so you can trade NFTs and earn Enjin coins.

NFT Marketplace of Kingdom Karnage

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

8:  CropBytes

Free to play: Yes with free to earn opportunity by playing in the game.

Play to Earn:  Crypto (CBX token)

  • Play & Grow your Farm.
  • CropBytes is a crypto farming game that was launched in 2018 and has been growing ever since. Today it is one of the few Crypto games to be available on Android, iOS and web.
  • $CBX Token is main crypto currency of the game, which you will earn by playing game and trading resources.
  • Convert your CBX to buy Superhero NFTs. They can boost your farm's output and increase your portfolio. 
  • CropBytes features an in-game marketplace for game assets that makes it easy to trade. The NFT marketplace will be launched in the near future.

NFT Marketplace of CropBytes

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

9: MOBOX Games

Free to play: Yes, but NFT required to earn.

Play to Earn: Crypto ($MOBOX) & NFT (Hero, gem, equipment)

  • MOBOX is not a single game instead a platform where you can play multiple games like:
  • ChainZ Arena, Block Brawler, Moland Defense, Token Master and earn crypto for your time, engagement and enjoyment.

MOBOX NFT Marketplace

  • $MOBOX is main currency of the platform which is used for purchasing nft, upgrading nft, for staking, for voting, for selling nfts.
  • You will also rewarded particular amount of $MOBOX in the game for completing task, ranking and competitions.

NFT Marketplace of MOBOX

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

10: Splinterlands

Free to play: Yes, NFT cards required to earn

Play to Earn: Crypto ($SPS), NFT (Cards)

  • Play, Trade, and Earn anywhere at anytime.
  • Splinterlands is the leading blockchain trading card game, with thousands of accounts daily collecting cards and battling worldwide.

Splinterlands NFT Marketplace

  • Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily basis. Players can win rewards from Tournaments, Ranked play, and Quests! No matter what your skill level or collection size, there is always an opportunity to earn!
  • Splintershards ($SPS) is main currency of the game, which you will earn through gameplay & NFT trading.

NFT Marketplace of Splinterlands

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

11: Crazy Defense Heroes

Free to play: Yes with free to earn opportunity.

Play to Earn:  Crypto ($TOWER token)

  • Crazy Defense Heroes is Tower Defense game where you place the heroes (aecher,mage, warriror) to defend your base. Game focused on PVE.
  • Game support $Tower Token as it's main currency, you will earn it by completing the experience level approx 315,000 exp each month, then you will eligible to participate at $Tower reward pool.
  • NFT marketplace coming soon...

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

12: Wonderhero

Free to play: NFT is required to play the game and earn 

Play to Earn: Crypto ($WND/$HON), NFT (Hero Skins, Weapon, Equipment)

  • The game is a turn-based MMORPG where players collect Heroes, enter turn-based combat and play to earn tokens in a fantasy world.
  • This game have two play to earn tokens: $WND & $HON, both are tradable on crypto exchanges.
  • $WND is the Governance Token required to NFTS staking, voting, weapons/heroes upgrades etc. You can earn it through gameplay & staking. On wide level it is main play to earn currency.

WonderHero NFT Marketplace

  • $HON is the secondary Play To Earn token required for heroes, weapons, items and upgrading.
  • You can use WonderHero Marketplace to openly buy/sell their NFT assets such as weapons, heroes and other items.

NFT Marketplace of Wonderhero

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

13: Thetan Arean

Free to play: Yes with Free to earn,

Play to Earn: Crypto ($THG) & NFT (Hero, Skins)

  • Thetan Arena is play to earn MOBA game with 5 vs 5 and battle royale mode.
  • You can earn game's main crypto currency ($THG) through the following way: Special Events, Ranking Rewards, Quest, Guild War, Tournament.
  • You can also earn by trading NFTs at game marketplace.

NFT Marketplace of Thetan Arena

How do I get started & earn? (Complete Beginner Guide)

This list will get increasing, blockchain based play2earn NFT/Crypto game are in early phase currently, so on the basis of that, I bring you must try list, start them and become expert.

Stay tuned, part 2 of this list is coming soon....

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