About COS.TV : A Decentralized Video Platform based on Blockchain (Rewards for watching videos as well)


As per header, you understand it's all about COS.TV. the decentralized alternative of YouTube.

Before starting, if you are not familiar with Dapps (Decentralized apps) which runs on blockchain, check out this overview guide: Dapps explained in simple terms

So let's start,

About COS.TV -

cos.tv alternative of youtube on blockchain
COS.TV Platform

COS.TV is a alternative of YouTube & Vimeo which runs on Contentos (COS) blockchain network

COS.TV app is similar to YouTube & Vimeo in working, but the main difference is that you can earn digital crypto currency (COS/ETH)  both by watching, publishing videos and it is based on blockchain.

Competition on YouTube is high & YouTube  have power to shut-down your channel/video without any prior notice, so in this section, COS.TV is providing a best opportunity to you, to share your content on blockchain based video platform.

In terms of YouTube alternative, COS.TV can be your second or third important video content sharing platform.

What is Contentos ?

Contentos is a public blockchain project that aims to give power and value back to independent creators and their fans,
Contentos provides a decentralized platform for digital content, where content can be freely produced, authenticated of its copyrights, distributed, and transacted. 

Contentos whitepaper

Each Digital currency uses in COS.TV: 

COS, POP & Vest coins
COS.TV Profile- COS, POP, Vest coins

COS.TV totally uses three digital currencies to run the whole ecosystem-

  • COS
  • POP
  • VET

1: COS

It's a main crypto currency which runs on a Contentos blockchain ecosystem. It has real market value and you can trade it on centralized/decentralized exchanges for other cryptos or fiat currencies.

COS.TV video platform on blockchain
COS.TV videos

You can earn COS on COS.TV by-

  • Creating & uploading videos,
  • By opening the Daily lottery (using POP),
  • By opening the Treasure box. (ETH/BTC can be win as well)

According to your video's views & likes, the COS revenue will be generated.

Create videos with your heart, interact with your fans, and attract fans to support you by sending Gifting Votes. (That's success formula on COS.TV)

Treasure chest of COS.TV
Treasure Box

Stamina feature - 

COS.TV have stamina feature according to it, you upload video, follow/unfollow and comment, if stamina is 0, you can't do any of these activities but with time it recovers as well,
and if you hold some COS then Stamina limit increased as well. COS.TV provide 100,000 stamina for free (which also recovers,)

2: POP

It's a COS.TV currency which you will earn through watching videos only, opening treasure chest and daily lottery.

By opening daily lottery, you can also win COS, for opening the daily lottery, you required specific amount of POP. (100 POP for 1x lottery)

Daily Lottery

POP is not tradable out of COST.TV, because it is in-platform currency.

Get 500 POP in your account by using our invite code: 

You can also earn POP/ETH through daily sign-in-

Daily Sign-in rewards

3: Vest

It's is used for voting and stacking purpose. Complete Guide

Similar to COS, Vest also helps in increasing the limit of Energy feature.

Energy & Stamina feature in COS.TV
COS.TV energy & stamina

Energy is consumed for liking the videos. Energy value affect the revenue directly. So don't forget to covert some COS to Vest.

--> You can also subscribe PostPirates Gaming, available on COS.TV

PostPirates Gaming channel

How to get started on COS.TV ?

1- Whether you come for watching videos  only or as a content creator, you first  need an account on COS.TV 

Account creation

2- Account creation is totally free and don't required COS balance at all 

Account created

3- Creating account is simple just like YouTube, sign up with your mobile & email 

4- Fill the basic details for profile creation.

5- If you want to create channel then  go to Creation Center option in profile section  and filled all the details, that's all.

COS.TV creation center
COS.TV creation center

6- KYC is required for withdrawing the COS/BTC/ETH and changing the phone number and email.

For KYC, following details required:

 - Country of residence (Proof)

 - First name, last name, and date of birth

 - Take a selfie with Contentos written on a piece of white paper with your name and date are clearly written on it. 

In what areas COS.TV is better than YouTube ?

  • Compare to YouTube, COS.TV is fully decentralized, means not  a single company is controlling the platform. In case of YouTube, your content & channel get down by them anytime according to their policy and they will change policy for their own profit.
  • YouTube also take 55% of creator revenue. YouTube is owned by Google which is USA based company and for political purpose USA misuse the YouTube in many occasion.


  • COS.TV is community driven, you will have power to vote for the development and improvement of the platform, each creator & viewer will have more control over the platforms like:
  • COS.TV pay for viewers for watching videos, you can use POP/COS coins to support creators you like.
  • Using Vest tokens, you can take part in the decision making for future development and policy building of the platform.
  • COST.TV is based on blockchain & crypto technology which makes it more secure & community focused.

Huge opportunity is waiting for both content creators & viewers on COS.TV

In which area COS.TV required improvement ?

  • More users needed, because in blockchain technology more users means more fast performance.
  • More quality content creator needed on the platform. (Competition is very low, huge opportunity for new creators).
  • User interface can be improved.
  • Embedding feature needed, so blogger can integrate their videos on their website.
  • COS.TV marketing budget should be increase, tie-up with influencer, do paid marketing and increase awareness about the platform.
  • COS.TV is available on both Desktop & Mobile. but mobile version required improvement.


Overall COS.TV is best alternative of YouTube, you get much more freedom compared to other centralized video platforms.
COS.TV is community focused & community controlled video platform.

COS.TV is new and still required alot of quality content creators & viewers, if you are planning to enter in video content creation then start with COS.TV as well.

If you are facing any problem in creating account comment, so we can help you.

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