Is it legal to sell game items for real money?

Is it legal to sell game items for real money?  

We are going to see, in what condition it is legal or illegal to sell game items for real money.

  • If your online game is not blockchain based (NFT/crypto games) then, you can face that illegal condition of selling game items out of the game. (of course they will not put you in jail for that, but they can ban your account).

  • There are multiple marketplace available where you can buy/sell game items (In-game currency, in-game equipment, skins, accounts) of popular online games and even game character level boosting service are also available there.

Player Auctions Marketplace

Popular game items marketplace: G2G, PlayerAuctions, Gvgmall, Seagm etc.

  • In less popular online games, people sell accounts to trusted people for real money, even if there is a restriction to do that by the game authority.

  • So basically it depends on the games policy. Mostly online games never mind it, you are free to sell game items to any person for real money through marketplace or direct selling.(Just don't reveal it openly in the game).
    Example: You can sell CS:GO skins officially.

  • Marketplace are safe option for selling items/accounts to strangers.

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G2G Marketplace- Games list with offers

  • Some exception games put strong policy, so you can't sell game items or account, if they find out you did something like that, they can ban your account permanently. (Do selling but in hidden mode)

Selling game items are not illegal, (in my opinion) if you are planning to leave the game then you can sell your hard-work to someone else for some bucks. (This is your right)


  • Blockchain based Crypto/NFT games are creating play2earn economy for gamers.
  • Here you totally own the in-game items as an NFTs. You can sell it on any NFT marketplace for cryptocurrency and then exchange cryptocurrency for your nation currency.
  • You can also trade one game's items with other game through NFT marketplace or direct trading on your crypto wallet.

Hope this post solved your doubts related to game items selling issue. 
If you still have any doubt, share it on comment section.

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