Create & Sell your NFTs on these 4-Marketplace for free. (No Gas Fee at all)

Before we start, let's know about gas fee, what exactly it is ?

What is Gas fee in NFT marketplace ?

  • When you create new NFT on marketplace (which we called minting), it takes some resources from blockchain miners for processing it, for which particular amount of fee is deducted which is called Gas fee. 
  • It deducts for every blockchain transaction to distribute the rewards to each miners for their computational resource.


Mostly NFT marketplace deduct the gas fee during minting of NFT,  but here we are going to see some NFT marketplace, where you can create your NFT for free.

These NFT marketplace don't charge gas fee for minting NFTs instead they charge some X % from the selling amount of your NFTs, means when your NFT get sold they will charge X % of it as a fee.

Sot let's dive into these Gas-free NFT marketplace.

1- OpenSea:


  • It's one of the largest and world's first NFT marketplace.
  • Here you can freely mint your NFT but you need to use polygon network. 
  • Opensea also support Ethereum network but on that, you need to pay gas fee.
  • So just select polygon network and start creating & selling NFT for free. Opensea deducts 2.5% from each NFT transaction (sale/resell/sending)
  • You can explore the marketplace without login as well.

2- Momint:


  • It's another free to use NFT marketplace. They don't charge gas fee at all for creating (minting) NFTs, when you sale then they will deduct their fee.
  • It takes a service fee of 15% on all transactions (sale, resell, send) through the platform. The net amount is then transferred to your wallet. 
  • When you exceed $100, you’re able to make a withdrawal.
  • You can explore the marketplace without login as well.

3- Fazzme:


  • It's a combination of social media and NFT marketplace, where you can create your profile, share/post pictures &videos, like others post, chat with friends and follow other people & creators.
  • You can transform any picture & video into an NFT that you can sell & share to your followers, friends and family for free.
  • Fazzme uses polygon network, that's why gas-fee is zero and they take minimal charges for the transaction (sell/resell/send) of NFTs.
  • Login required to explore the marketplace.

4- Curate:


  • This Multi-chain NFT marketplace also don't deduct any gas fee on creating NFTs, similarly they will charge fees on NFTs sale.
  • It's for mobile platform currently, it's web version is in development mode.
  • Curate uses their own blockchain to remove the gas fee, which name is The X-chain.
  • Without login you can explore the marketplace.

Hope, I helped you with finding the gas free NFT marketplace. Use these marketplace
 to start selling your own NFTs for free, they are simple to use as well.

If you have any doubt comment it, so i can resolve it asap. Share it with your friends and become a part of postpirates.

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